Revostock After Effects Project - Hand Painting With Pencil



Revostock After Effects Project - Hand Painting With Pencil
After Effects CS | 1920x1080 | 23mb



This is a nice project, which can imitate painting from any image. You just drop your photo or CG-generated image in placeholder and the project makes the whole job for you. If you need you can change the hand movements and the way pictures are revealed.

This will work great for commercials and as a unique photo display

Here ALL images are INCLUDED!

Music is not included, but you can buy in on Revostock site with the producer Darko Saric

Source: Internet.


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  1. Tại sao Jc-media k chia sẻ tại MF nữa ? Mình thấy việc download ở trang kia khó quá

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  2. Link bị die rồi anh ơi, tiếc quá đi :(

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  3. @Anh Nguyễn: Mình ấn vào download vẫn bình thường mà. Bạn thử lại xem sao. :)

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  4. Admin ơi, em vào download đến chỗ tạo đường dẫn nó thông báo là : Error happened when generating Download Link.
    Please try again or Contact administrator.
    Admin up lại lên mediafire được k, thk anh nhiều.

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  5. Link die roi ban oi!.Ban fix lai dum minh nhe.Thanks truoc!

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  6. Link bi die rùi :(. Cho mình xin cái link nhen

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