Cinema Mastery – Ultimate Editor Bundle

Cinema Mastery – Ultimate Editor Bundle
3840x2160 | Version All | 16000 mb

  • The Ultimate Editor Bundle includes access to hundreds of premium designed and custom LUTs, sound design effects, customizable and royalty free music tracks, and visual effects. You have everything you need to finish the perfect edit for your project—and even make your video look like it came straight from Hollywood!
  • 15 Additional Custom LUTs
  • You’ll have access to even more high-quality cinematic color grading LUTs that have been created custom by professional colorist Drew Tekulve. These LUTs aren’t available anywhere else—and you can use them on all of your projects without restriction!
  • Extended Sound Design Effects Library
  • With this complete collection of custom analog recorded sounds—risers, hits, atmosphere, whooshes, and more—you’ll not only be able to make your edits pop, but you’ll also be able to take all of your videos to the next level!
  • 10 More Royalty-Free Cinematic Music Tracks + Instrument Stems
  • This isn’t your normal brand of stock music! These incredible tracks were custom-written by world-class composer J Scott Rakozy just for you! Not only do you get 15 second, 30 second, and 60 second versions of each track so you can use the track that makes the most sense for your project, but you also get instrument stems for each track as well! That means you can break down the entire track based on the instrument. Want to take the drums out? No problem. Want to bring out the strings and make them louder? Easy. You’ll be able to completely customize the track to fit your needs specifically. And best of all, you can use any of the tracks on any project, personal or commercial—no attribution required.
  • BONUS!
  • The ULTIMATE Effects Pack
  • With the Ultimate Effects Pack you get access to effects, flares, grains, and overlays that will help add the next level of character to your projects. It includes more than a hundred variations of:
  • • Light Leaks
  • • Lens Flares (spherical and anamorphic)
  • • Glass Effects
  • • Graphic Overlays (like letterboxes, film reels, graphics, etc.)
  • • Film Grains so you can give your footage a beautiful vintage look.
  • • Textures, like VHS, scratchy film, snow, noise, and other textures
  • Plus, most of these effects are optically captured. They are not digital recreations in After Effects. They look real because they ARE real.

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