VideoHive Dance Party

VideoHive Dance Party
1920x1080 | CS4, CS5 | 356.2mb


  • Its time to dance! The cartoon Dance Party project is great for birthdays, weddings, holidays or any celebration that makes you want boogie!
  • Easily add your friends and family’s faces to the bodies. There are 5 male bodies and 5 female bodies, use any combination you need!
  • Each dance movement has a male and female counterpart for 10 total characters. Duplicate the pre-comps to create an even bigger cast of characters!
  • Change clothing colors with one color control!
  • Video tutorials included! Learn how to:
  • Change Clothing textures & colors
  • Use the pen tool to mask out your face
  • Add MORE characters to the animation!
  • *The Scrapbook Greeting scene has all 10 characters animated, you can turn on layers 6-10 if you need them.
  • Optical Flares have been pre-rendered. A separate After Effects file is included that utilizes Optical Flares if you own the plug-in.
  • CC Bender and CC Particle World are required; Student and demo versions of After Effects may not have these plug-ins.
  • Download the free font “Deibi” here.
  • Download the free font “Jellyka CuttyCupcakes” here. Music is NOT included. You can purchase the awesome track “Bright Shining Love” by pinkzebra on AudioJungle!


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13 nhận xét:

  1. tk bạn nhưng chưa có demo = video à :D
    Ủng hộ ^^!
    à bạn check hộ mình trong mail nhé :D

    Trả lờiXóa
  2. @ToniKoy: Mình check giờ đây bạn. Đã có video demo rồi đó. :)

    Trả lờiXóa
  3. HiHi down về thôi!
    Bạn làm chức năng thanks ở đây đi !
    Nói miệng xuông ngại lắm!

    Trả lờiXóa
  4. em chạy file AE thì nó báo lỗi ko chèn đc file định dạng mov

    Trả lờiXóa
  5. bạn ơi link hư rồi thì phải, bạn up lại dùm mình dc hok, mình đang cần lắm, thanks bạn nhieu

    Trả lờiXóa
  6. Phu Thinh Nguyen: bạn đọc hướng dẫn fix lỗi download tại đây nhé Fix Download

    Trả lờiXóa
  7. Anh ơi mediafire nó páo là:
    The file you attempted to download is an archive that is part of a set of archives. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of split archives and the limit for this file has been reached. MediaFire understands the need for users to transfer very large or split archives, up to 10GB per file, and we offer this service starting at $1.50 per month.
    Có cách nào download được không anh?

    Trả lờiXóa
  8. Bạn ơi, up lại dùm mình link part 1 với! Thanks!

    Trả lờiXóa
  9. do you have "Hey It's your birthday"?? Pleasee

    Trả lờiXóa
  10. Bạn thật tuyệt vời Tú Thanh yêu bạn nhìu :smile:

    Trả lờiXóa

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