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After Effects Project Hands II
1920x1080 | After Effects Version CS4, CS5 | 362.9mb



After Effects CS4 project file!

Here comes Hands II, a new fancy, faster, longer and cooler hand-template.

Two project files included:

Version 01 created to the track ‘Move This’ ( by author Joe Sacco. 20 placeholders + 5 textholders.

Version 02 uses track ‘Hit it hard’ ( by author BeaTheBeat, but you can use any track. 44 placeholders + 5 textholders.

I made it easy to switch off effects like black & white hands, digital frames, digital circles, flashing colors and textures for all comps from one place.

I know some people wants a version where its easier to make the hands stand longer, but somehow I like these faster slideshows better..

Therefore this one works best with photo, but you can use video as well!

If you are experienced with AE, you´ll find it easy to move placeholders around and create your own versions. You can also have any background-color. Placing new elements on the hands is also simple if you know basic parenting, as all movements are created by a single null-layer inside each placeholder.

I hope anyone or everyone finds this template useful! And if you happen to buy it, PLEASE rate it in your download-section.

Thank you very much for your attention!

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  1. Cảm ơn bạn, chúc bạn sức khỏe và vui vẻ nha :)

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  2. trong đây mình không thấy phần âm thanh Move This ở đâu vậy bạn ?

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    Trả lời
    1. Bạn nên đọc trong khung information có soul move this and hit it hard đây bạn . Tải về rồi gán vào projects thôi

  3. link die roi` ban oi up lai dum minh nhe ben hands cung die lun roi ban coi lai dum minh nha

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  4. link die rồi, mình thích cái project này quá bạn up lại dùm mình dc ko. Cám ơn bạn nhiều lắm :kiss:

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  5. Bác up lại project này đi, link cũ die rồi :-(

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  7. link die mất tiu ùi bạn ui,@.@

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  8. link die mat tiu ui Tu Thanh ơi...:(

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  9. ai còn giữ share mình vs được ko

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