VideoHive My Life

VideoHive My Life
VideoHive My Life
1920x1080 | CS4, CS5 | 210mb


  • This file can be used for an extended category of themes, like family,sport activities,entertainment,party,or just simply share your best pictures with your friends in a different and unique way.
  • The project is modular, you can easy change the order of the sequences, and organize the comps as you want or based on your own sound track.
  • The main comp have a duration of 1.28 minutes, and i create an extra comp larger, by adding 7 extra place holders.(2.30 min)
  • I add 10 more place holders for 3 comp, so you have in total 30 more place holders for you to work with.(the extra place holders are the larger ones)
  • The second part of the video tutorial go through the easy steps to add more place holders. Just drag and drop from the project panel the extra comps, animate the out point where you want, and you re ready to go. In the first part of the tutorial we go into the quick steps of adding images or video into your place holders,and some other small trick to speed up your workflow.
  • This file use the standard effect CS4 tools. All what you see can be changed.
  • The expression Universalizer script has been applied in order to avoid issues when opened in different language.
  • Output comp ready: 1080p 720p NTSC DV1 D1-DV.PAL
  • The stock images used are from photodune, and the background music is from the talented Dave at metrolightmusic.


Source: Internet.


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