Audiojungle Sci-Fi Atmosphere

Audiojungle Sci-Fi Atmosphere
Audiojungle Sci-Fi Atmosphere
320 kbps | MP3, WAV | 5:03


  • Sci-Fi Atmosphere is the ideal mix of ambient noise, alien sound effects and pulsing synth tones and will support and enhance your scene, not overpower it. With a dark and mysterious undertone, this track allows the audience to float through your storyline captivated with the unique sounds and overall feel. If your project has scenes involving outer space, alien worlds, deep sea, dark caves or other unknown places and/or perils this is the score for you. Running 5:03 in length, it is also available in alternate versions, including loops, upon request.
  • Don’t forget to let us know about the project you use this track in. We will help promote it!


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