AE Scripts Mt.Mograph Motion V4.0.4.4236


By: StLove

AE Scripts Mt.Mograph Motion V4.0.4.4236
Resizable | Version All | 10 mb

  • Tools and controls to master your animation
  • Meet Motion 4 – everything you loved from v2 and v3. Redesigned and rebuilt, with brand new tool sets and a slick modern UI.
  • Help from Motion to ease, anchor and everything in-between
  • Finally a new way to handle your keyframes and motion. Use the Curve Graph, Easing Sliders, or your own custom User Library to make working with keyframes easy.
  • Best in class Toolbox and custom controls
  • Use more than 50+ tools and custom Effect Controls to amplify how you animate, and what your keyframes can do.
  • Color in 360 degrees
  • Work with the whole color spectrum like never before. Use powerful built-in tools like the Eyedropper, Palette Library and HSB sliders, or import your own .ASE
  • Solo out the noise with Focus
  • Create custom Groups to visually isolate your Layers. Select, Shy, Lock, Grab and Hide groups for a futuristic upgrade in how you work and what you see.
  • Win : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\
  • Mac : /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

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