Brandon Li – Filmmaking For Photographers


By: StLove

Brandon Li – Filmmaking For Photographers
3840x2160 | Version Premiere Pro CC | 3100 mb


  • You’ve always wanted to start making videos but didn’t know where to get started.
  • You’re a photographer and you have a camera that shoots video but never ventured into video mode before.
  • You’ve seen my videos and you want to get a more complete look at how I put it all together from start to finish.
  • Imagine If You Could…
  • Feel confident about being able to shoot a full video with minimal gear anywhere you go.
  • Know how to tell a story with your videos even without having a full plan beforehand.
  • Know how to use video editing to express yourself in your own style and voice.

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      Tôi là một giảng viên, nhà báo, một người có đam mê cực độ với phim và nhiếp ảnh. Rất vui vì đã được làm quen với các bạn ^_^

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